Roadmap 2010 - 2011

jqGrid for PHP

  • Support for Mysqli driver - April 2010 (note:implemented and released on Apr, 20th)
  • Local pagging and searching May 2010 (note:implemented and released in 3.7 Verson)
  • Grouping - June 2010 (note:implemented and releasd in 3.8 Version)
  • Autocomplete and Datepicker component - August 2010 (note:implemented and releasd in 3.8 Version)
  • Export to PDF and CSV - November 2010 (note:implemented and releasd in Version)
  • Tree and Chart components - January-February 2011

The roadmap might be subject to change. We are working in a fast-paced industry and changes happen, but we will make sure that if they happen they happen for a good reason and that is communicated well with customers.

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